Katie Rand signs to MTGP

Excited to announce we have signed @katierand to MTGP on a 6 fight contract 🔥

Katie Rand

Katie started training to fight 5 years ago and was quickly put into a decision fight after 6months of training where she won her first K1 fight. After winning her debut, Katie was hungry to get straight back in the ring and got offered a semi pro Thai boxing bout so without hesitating, Katie threw herself into the deep end and adapted her skills to fight Muay Thai.

Since then, Katie has been actively fighting 4-5 times a year and showing her true potential as a Prospect, and have been put on some huge promotions and fighting some of the top women fighters in the UK in her weight division and climbed into the top 5 in the K1 and Muay Thai rankings in the UK.

With thanks to Katie’s current and previous coaches she has been recognised as a true Prospect with her hard work and determination where she has been on some of the biggest promotions against top female fighters proving her worth to be a worthy contender..


Katie Rand is currently fighting A class Muay Thai and pro K1 where she adapts to both skill sets. Katie is currently ranked #2 in K1 and ranking #3 in the Muay Thai ranking in the UK as of date 12/10/2019.

9W – 3L – 1D


Katie has a very aggressive and works on a forward pressure stance style. Predominantly have a boxing style background with heavy and renown right hand power of knockouts.


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