SIGNED: Panicos Yusuf signs to MTGP

Panicos Yusuf signs to MTGP

Two-time Muay Thai World Champion Panicos Yusuf is originally from Cyprus. Briefly studied Shotokan Karate, but didn’t seriously train in martial arts until he discovered Muay Thai when he was 15 years old.

Yusuf first started practising Muay Thai for fitness and self-defense, but soon realised it meant much more than that to him. Two months after stepping into the gym for the first time, he entered his first Muay Thai bout. He then competed extensively for the Cyprus national Muay Thai team, traveling around the World to test his skills in the ring.

In 2005, Yusuf moved to Manchester to be with his wife and opened his own gym named All Powers. He has since compiled almost 40 wins in a sterling professional career, often ranking as the UK’s very best in his weight class.