SIGNED: Joe Craven signs to MTGP

Joe Craven, Halifax born but nurtured in the epicentre of English Muay Thai, Leeds. Making the move from his hometown when he was just 15, doing a daily round trip of some 30 miles to train at one of the worlds most recognised gyms, Bad Company. The beginning of his fighting career started at Halifax Thai which saw Joe grow for 11 years before making the move to Bad Company. Joe moved full-time to Leeds to go to university when he turned 18 and got on juggling a busy fighting lifestyle and also being at university.

Having a natural talent in the ring, Joe Craven has now been putting himself to the test with challenges that on some of the biggest stages that the UK has to offer. Regularly appearing on the UK Muay Thai stage, Joe has been up against such opponents as Chris Shaw, Ricky Sewell, Brad Stanton, Ammari Diedrick, Jake purdy and Youssef Boughanem.

Having large aspirations to achieve global success, Craven will be carving a path to international stardom with the work ethic and hard work that he puts in. With a junior career and many junior titles around his waist, at this point in his career, he will be looking really make the next few years count and be looking for those big opportunities.

Having a team behind him like that of his stablemates at Bad Co. with the likes of Liam Harrison, Jordan Watson, now unretired Andy Howson and many more he is really set for a bright career and one that will be sure to see grow over the next few years. Still very young, he has time on his side and the hunger of a lion.