Kun Khmer Grand Prix in Cambodia!

Exciting news, everyone!

Get ready for the epic Kun Khmer Grand Prix in Cambodia, presented by MTGP and the world’s largest Kun Khmer organisation, where the harmonious collaboration of Muay Thai and Kun Khmer unfolds!

“What’s the buzz? It’s the phenomenal Kun Khmer fighters who’ve conquered the world, thrilling audiences with their performances and unbeatable spirit. Now, we’re taking a remarkable step forward by fostering a brand new professional alliance between Muay Thai and Kun Khmer.”

“After the resounding success of BXGP, KGP, and MMAGP, we’re proud to introduce the groundbreaking KKGP right here in Cambodia. It’s a monumental event that unites the essence of both disciplines, promoting friendship, respect, and shared growth.”

“Join us as we celebrate and elevate Kun Khmer on a global scale, empowering talented fighters and inspiring generations to embrace the power of sports. Witness the beauty of two worlds collaborating in perfect harmony, creating a breathtaking display of martial arts mastery and fostering a sense of unity among athletes and fans alike!”

Kun Khmer ‘free fighting’ or ‘free boxing’ is very similar to Muay Thai, with a mix of stand up striking and clinch fighting.

“Don’t miss out on this historic occasion, where peace and collaboration take center stage, and the spirit of Muay Thai and Kun Khmer shine brighter together than ever before!”