Partnership Announcement: Umodzi Gin

Hello Muay Thai enthusiasts,

Muay Thai Grand Prix is pleased to inform our fans and international audience of our one-year partnership deal with Umodzi Gin. 

Umodzi Gin is a premium brand that celebrates togetherness through the rich flavors and traditions of the African continent. Crafted with the rich heritage of Africa’s sugarcane, Umodzi Gin is an exceptional blend that is setting the standard for excellence in Gin around the world.

Join us in toasting this exciting partnership and the year ahead, as we celebrate the artistry, dedication, and passion that defines both Muay Thai Grand Prix and Umodzi Gin. Together, we’re crafting memories that will last a lifetime.

Starting from 28th October through 2024, Umodzi Gin is sponsoring the Muay Thai Grand Prix. As our official drinks sponsor, Umodzi Gin and Umodzi Gin branded items will be available at our bars during all Muay Thai Grand Prix events.

Ask at the bar for the Gin cocktail of the night or simply order Umodzi Gin with your favourite mixer.

Prior to the Muay Thai Grand Prix, you can order bottles of Umodzi Gin from our website: