MTGP Fight Night 85 – Results

28th October 2023

A night of thrills, knockouts and Championship glory!

Crystal Palace - London

Watch again, while you still can below!

The atmosphere at MTGP Fightnight 85, held last Saturday at the iconic Crystal Palace in London, was an experience that could not be missed, with an undeniable sense of excitement permeating the air from start to finish.

This high-profile event delivered an unforgettable evening of muaythai and kickboxing action that had fans on the edge of their seats, from the first undercard match to the thrilling main event. The crowd’s unwavering enthusiasm and passionate cheers resonated throughout the arena, creating a truly vibrant ambiance. It was a night where the sweet science of combat took center stage, and the fighters showcased their mettle.

One of the standout features of this event was the incredible number of knockouts (KOs) and technical knockouts (TKOs) witnessed by the audience. MTGP Fightnight 85 featured a roster of fighters who exhibited sheer savagery and an unrelenting competitive spirit, making it a night to remember for fight fans.

The highlight of the evening was the eight title fights that graced the event. Each championship belt, resplendent in silver and gold, proudly bore the unmistakable red MTGP logo, capturing the attention of all in attendance. The walkouts by the fighters were nothing short of captivating, setting the stage for the thrilling battles that lay ahead and eliciting excitement and anticipation from the crowd.

Let’s delve into some of the most remarkable moments from this unforgettable night:

1. Denpenom’s Triumph

Hailing from Thailand, Denpenom claimed the MTGP World Title by unanimous decision, impressing the audience with the beautiful tradition of the Wai Kru dance before his five-round showdown with Mikael Wakeling.

2. Epic Showdown

The highly-anticipated clash between Nathan Bendon, who secured victory by split decision, and Mo Abdurahman provided an enthralling back-and-forth spectacle. Bendon was crowned the MTGP World Title holder in his weight division.

3. Heavyweight Thunder

A clash of titans ensued between France’s Tomas Gosso and Britain’s Rhys Brudenell, with Brudenell emerging victorious by unanimous decision in a battle for the Super Heavyweight Title.

4. Explosive KGP Title Fight

Dan Tracey faced off against Joao Silva from Portugal in a KGP European Title bout. Despite taking a liver shot that sent shockwaves through the arena, Tracey bounced back to claim victory with a powerful left overhand knockout in the first round.

5. Intercontinental Glory

Liam Patel secured the Intercontinental Title, winning by split decision after a five-round display of energy and technical prowess against Jacob Thompson.

6. Women’s Championship Bout

In the first women’s title fight of the night, Daniela Miranda outshone her opponent Elena Cresci, winning by split decision and earning the MTGP British Title.

7. Daniel Ryzowicz’s Debut

The second British title fight saw Daniel Ryzowicz make an impressive pro debut at just 19 years old. He delivered a spectacular second-round knockout with a straight right hand against Saj Imran.

8. Jamie Petch’s Comeback

Jamie Petch made a triumphant return to the ring after a year of absence, securing the British Welterweight Title with a first-round knockout against Samir Boumrane.

MTGP CEO Philip Tieu went onto say; “We like to extend our special thanks to our announcer, Peter Lowe, and presenter Kaz Crossley, as well as our judges, medical staff, sponsors, and the entire MTGP team. Most importantly, we express our gratitude to our dedicated fans who joined us for this exhilarating night and to everyone who tuned in to watch us live on the stream”.

For those who missed the action, the Pay-Per-View (PPV) is still available for re-watch on WeKapture. Be sure to mark your calendars for our next show, scheduled for March 23rd in London. Stay tuned for more information, and don’t forget to follow us on all our social platforms to stay updated on all things MTGP.


Main Card

Jonathon Oluoch Vs Mehmet Akin. Winner – Mehmet Akin Pts UD

Elia Dewu Vs Hanna Brady. Winner – Hanna Brady Pts UD

Jamie Petch Vs Samir Bouamrane. Winner – Jamie Petch KO R1

Daniel Ryzowick Vs Saj Imran. Winner – Daniel Ryzowick KO R1

Daniella Miranda Vs Elena Cresci. Winner – Daniella Miranda Pts SD

Duane Barnes Vs Frederico Loi. Winner – Duane Barnes KO R2

Owen Gillis Vs Frank Mulley. Winner – Owen Gillis KO R2

Nampon Vs Fabio Loi. Winner – Nampon Pts UD

Liam Patel Vs Jacob Thompson. Winner – Liam Patel Pts SD

Harlem Igor Vs Jose Valera. Winner – Jose Valera Pts UD

Joao Silva Vs Dan Tracey. Winner Dan – Tracey KO R1

Tomas Gosso Vs Rhys Brudenell. Winner Rhys – Brudenell Pts UD

Reece Rowell Vs Bartek Paszczyk. Winner – Reece Rowell KO R2

Grzegorz Marko Vs Darren Anstey. Winner – Grzegorz Marko KO R1

Nathan Brandon Vs Mo Abdurahman. Winner – Nathan Bendon Pts SD

Michael Wakeling Vs Denpanom Pran. Winner – Denpanom Pran Pts UD



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