Women’s Sparring Session


Sunday 31st March 2024 2pm-3pm

Our Open Sparring Sessions are open for all, with all skill levels welcome. We run various dates throughout the year, so get yourself signed up for the best way to improve your techniques.

Limited Tickets Below:


We are here to spar. Lets keep it friendly, technical and controlled at all times. We are all here for the same purpose… so enjoy!

Arrive early to park and get ready. Please put all your belongings in the changing rooms that are downstairs.

Please park in either St Anselm’s on roundabout corner or Medical Centre on Tower Road. Both have car parks. Do not try to park on site as it wont cope with the numbers and staff and students on-site

Please bring at least 14oz Sparring Gloves and Shinguards, Groin Guards and gumshield! NO 8oz, 10oz or 12oz Gloves!