Philip Tieu – Seminar

Sunday 9th July 2023

11:30am – 2:30pm

How to increase more power in your striking, best counter techniques and best combinations.

Philip Tieu

Muay Thai
Philip Tieu founder of team Tieu and CEO of MTGP will be running a seminar on building confidence in your fight game, learn how to prepare for a fight, what makes the Thai’s so good.

Gui Hung

Elevate your fight game to new heights. Discover the power of mindfulness in reaching peak performance, savouring every moment of your journey, and finding joy in the process. Embrace the warrior within.


What makes the Thai’s so good!

Building confidence in your fight game and how to prepare for a fight game

Course will cover:
Different guards for Muay Thai
Different stances for muaythai
Different footwork
How to deliver each technique perfectly
The secrets off defence and distance:
Reading your opponent
Understanding ring craft
Learning different style off fighting and finding a style that suits you
Forward clinch style:
How to enter the clinch
5 main positions
5 ways off em balancing your opponent
6 ways off attacking
Counter style:
5 top counters to jab and cross
5 top counters to low kick and body kicks
5 top counter to a front kicks
5 top counter to a knee
How to avoid elbows
Boxing combos for Muay Thai:
5 top boxing combos
The psychology off fighting, how to mentally prepare for a fight and fight day:
5 top tips

I’ve been asked by so many people to train but unfortunately don’t have the time to train everyone so I’ll be offering a one off 3 hour seminar on how I’ve trained all our fighters and trainers in the pro class with 20 years experience and trained numerous world champions, European champions and British champions, top ranked fighters and constantly learning and training with the best coaches in Thailand.

The event is finished.


09 Jul 2023


11:30 - 14:30



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Muay Thai


Gymbox Holborn
100 High Holborn, London WC1V 6RD, UK
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